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Our long-standing and well-trusted professionals have a combined cruise and marine industry experience of over half a century. We understand the need for personalized service, preparation and communication for a hassle-free port of call. We work hard to make your call easy.

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Banking Services
We can arrange wire transfers and cash delivered to the yacht.
Berthing Arrangements
We work closely with the Virgin Islands Port Authority and local marinas, including Yacht Haven Grande and Crown Bay.
Fresh water and fuel are available on St. Thomas and St. Croix.
Carpentry, Finishing, Upholstery
We have many contacts with local craftsmen who can complete any custom work required.
Cell Phones
No need to rack up a huge cell phone bill from roaming. We can provide a local cell phone for use on island.
Charter Itinerary Planning and Special Event Organization
Let us point you to the best spots in the area for any occasion.
Allow us to assist with all aspects of US Immigration/Customs entrance and clearance processes, including eNOA's, eNOD's, and all paperwork.
Crew Concierge
On days off you want to go diving, see the island, or just hang out. We'll show you all the best local spots.
Crew Placement
With our many contacts in the island's marine industry we can help find temporary or delivery crew as needed.
Dry Cleaning/Laundry
Same day service is available. We'll pick it up dockside and deliver it when it's done.
Beautiful personalized fresh floral arrangements delivered to the dock.
Local Support 24/7
If you're working on the weekend, so are we. We're on call for support and emergencies whenever you need us.
Medical Services
A wide network of quality medical professionals work with us to provide your crew and guests with their medical needs. We can usually get appointments on short notice and can assist in emergencies.
Through our local suppliers we can provide the ship with the highest quality foods and beverages. Anything that can't be found on island can be imported on short notice with expedited service.
We will accept shipments via air, sea, or courier. We'll handle the clearance, storage, and delivery to the yacht. We also provide worldwide shipping for outgoing goods.
Whether it's for a provisioning trip, transportation to the airport or customs office, or an island tour, we can accommodate your needs.
VIP Services
We can make arrangements for hotels, luxury transportation, or a wide selection of shore excursions for your guests.
Weather Reports
Daily marine forcast sent to your e-mail address while you're in the area.
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